I can’t begin to emphasize how much Education means to a hairdresser. It’s literally the difference between a clean and precise haircut and a haircut where your customers run away from your hair salon and look for another one. Maybe you live in a small town and your hairdresser’s license program was random. Maybe your original teacher or Mentor wasn’t as great as you had imagined. Chances are, you didn’t pay as much attention during your school years and smoked Blunts outside the door before entering because you thought you were better than that. Anyway, I’m going to tell you Now, be humble, you’re never too far into this game to learn more.

My Career

I have been a competent hairdresser for 16 years and a hairdresser for 8 years (well, the first few years were difficult), but I was trained in the classical sense, all scissors, no clippers, very few clippers and no straight edge. I can cut an ordinary chisel, and have been for some time. When I switched to shaving, I knew that I had a lot of gaps to fill, I owned hair clippers, but I didn’t really know how to use them. Learning was more difficult when I started playing, the resources on the Internet were small or not at all. I started shaving in a store where the quality was random, the lines were busy and where I could make mistakes with little or no impact. Although it’s a multicultural place, I had little experience with coarse Afro hair, and when I cut it, I thought that cutting against the grain would tear some of the thick lines I was leaving behind (which was a white Canadian suburban kid to do, in addition to imitating what I’ve seen others do). I was lucky that everything was not faded, and that I was working next to someone who could fade like crazy. I slaughtered a lot of hair at the time, but from this experience came an idea of how to fade, to put people in place, but above all always a classic hairdresser specializing in longer hair. I still needed a lot of education.


I was in the game for a long time and I was stubborn. You couldn’t teach me something that I wouldn’t have learned by trial and error. This prepared me for a long treacherous uphill road.

Learn from your personal needs

My personal life has been a great teacher for my professional life. I went through difficult times, I got annulmented, I got into difficult personal areas, but I came out with new ideas, a more modest man for everything.

You will never know everything

You can’t know everything there is to know about something. You can’t start your career as a master, you have to learn how to become one. I know I’m not a master yet. I think that I am a very good hairdresser overall, who is not afraid of any type of hair or hair length, who knows urban and classic styles and who knows chemical works (paints, perms, straightening irons). But there are holes in my education. I can become a better hairdresser in many ways, and when I look at my improvement in My profession over the past few years, a few key ideas come to mind.

Be fearless

You will make mistakes all your life. Make your mistakes early and leave them in the past. The fear of new ideas or techniques that you cannot apply will never help you improve. Find a guinea pig or a few of them and give them terrible haircuts. The sooner you eliminate the evil, the better.

Be a student

Find Mentors. Find the best people near you and work with them in a certain way. You can never do it too soon. Sweep the floors, maintain good communication and learn everything you can. If you have to change hair salons to learn from different people what you can do, do it at the beginning of your career, because you want to do everything to maintain consistency with your clientele from the very beginning. If you can’t find them in person, do an online search. There are so many different ways to find education online. YouTube makes a great contribution to the education of hairdressers and there are so many different hairdressers that you can learn and so many different styles that you can learn. You can always contact one of these online contributors and ask them about something that you are having difficulty with. Travel as much as you can afford to learn more. Attend hairdressing salons, contests, look as far as possible. Even look at the profession of a hairdresser.

Be humble

If you don’t know how to do something…Question. It’s really that simple. It is the sign of a brave man to recognize that we do not know everything. Don’t action over what you want to know, ask someone to show it to you and break it down step by step, and when you try it for the first time, let them come and watch the progress you make.

Be curious

Be a researcher of knowledge and technology and don’t let anything stop you while you are doing it. Learn from everything that surrounds you, people, books, the Internet, by trial and error, by participating in contests or by going to hairdressing conventions and taking all the training you can. Never consider yourself better than any other hairdresser, maybe you know a little technique that changes the way you cut your hair. It may seem silly and easy to ask questions, but I believe that the curious are the ones who succeed. Don’t let yourself get old and stagnate. Curiosity is the key to keeping it fresh.

Be an educator

There is nothing better than trying to explain something to others to clarify the ideas in your head. When you teach someone your technique and how to do something, you let the information you have learned go back to the collective. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than sharing your information with others and allowing them to do what they do better.

in conclusion

These ideas may seem simple, but if you include them, include them and translate them into actions, you will find that Education consists of being a modest and curious student of Crafts, ready to look for everything, ask and try to become a better hairdresser and a person. I hope that you take these ideas to heart and use them to surround yourself with knowledge and push yourself into Stratospheres that you have never imagined.