When I receive a Service from someone, I know exactly what they look like, what they look like and how they present themselves. If they are dirty or smell bad or look uninteresting, I notice it. And yes, I’m biased, I think we all are. As hairdressers, we want to make sure that we have positive interactions with those who are sitting in our chair. It takes very little to achieve this.


Let’s first look at myself, I am tattooed, I am 6’3, I usually wear a mustache of an unkempt variety and I constantly change my hairstyle. This is my person, this is how I present myself, and I am more than aware of it. The people who will be my regular customers will be attracted by what I present as my person. I have seen a lot of people come and sit in my chair with an expression of fear, I see how they look at me and how I am perceived by them, but when I am at work, I am very aware of how I am doing, but I plan it that way. I am aware that my Look will not be for everyone and I agree, I don’t have to be everyone’s hairdresser, I just have to be the hairdresser for those who sit on my chair and recommend me to others. If someone does not want to get a good haircut from a tall tattooed man, there are many hairdressers who present themselves differently.

I think people come to a hairdresser because of their personality, so why not be who they are? Why not present something that attracts some people? If you want to be Country and Western, you should buy this big belt buckle, comb your hair a certain way and wear cowboy boots. If you want to be a classic hairdresser, you may want to wear a suit to work every day, with a tie or bow tie and Italian leather slippers. If you want to wear Jordans with ripped Jeans and fitted T-Shirts that hang well above your belt, then do it. I wear a hat from time to time (one a month, maybe less), but I think you should let people see your hair while you work. I believe that this means introducing yourself and your personality as a hairdresser and saying that you are proud of yourself. Well, if a hat is a big part of your personality (and I’ve seen people do it that way), make sure your hat is neat and clean. Knowing and having a personal style can help you distinguish yourself from another hairdresser.


Make sure you go out at least four times a year and spend money on your clothes and appearance. Keep your clothes fresh. You don’t need to spend a Million dollars on this, but make sure that they are clean and tidy.


What I’m trying to convey is that what you present affects the type of customers you have. This does not mean that other types of customers will not sit in your chair and will not be happy. I am proud to make someone sitting in my chair a regular customer by cutting their hair the way they want. This is called versatility and although you don’t need it to be a busy hairdresser (you can specialize in this industry and only cut bald Bland all day), the more you can do behind the chair, the more chances you have to expand your clientele. If you can’t cut long hair, learn it.


If you don’t feel like a personality that suits you, you may have to pretend for a while. I know that when I was younger, I certainly didn’t understand fashion and style very well, and I had a few unpleasant years that left me hanging around shamefully. In this industry, being curious about fashion and current trends can only help you. Read magazines, listen to music, watch clothes and hair in YouTube videos, Follow fashion blogs and Instagram accounts. Fill your brain with information that will make you better at what you do.


I shouldn’t have to mention it, but I will. Brush your teeth, use deodorant under your armpits, use peppermint candy, wear clean clothes, iron the clothes you need, make sure your shoes are well maintained, comb your hair, shave your face, cut your nails, clean your ears. You’re in an industry where people notice these things. You can go even further and get facials, get a manicure and pedicure, grow unnecessary hair, sculpt your eyebrows, put on your cheeks. You are in the nursing industry, if you think that one of these things softens you, you are wrong, it means that you care about yourself and that you will care about your clients in the same way. Get into the habit of doing these tasks, schedule them in your calendar if you have to, or practice them every morning or evening. It will be easier if you practice it.


We haven’t even talked about how you wear your hair.They may say that they are too busy for a haircut, but no one is so busy that we cannot sit on our colleagues’ chairs in the morning or at the end of the day, or in those moments when the hair salon is not busy. Take care of your facial hair or shave in the morning. This shows your customers how to take care of their facial hair and gives them a reason to let them take care of their beards and mustaches.


You should adapt your Look to the store in which you work. I’m a little more inclined to wear collared shirts and clean jeans with a nice shoe, but I currently work in a store where I feel like a t-Shirt represents more of the customers who walk through the door. I find that a black t-Shirt and jeans can represent a clean Look that is very universal and seems classic while being sober. That’s really what you’re comfortable with, I would never wear Sweatpants, but I’m sure someone much younger and committed to fashion could take them off in a certain outfit and a hairdresser.


All of this information could be verified just for you, or it could be brand new information, but how they look and how they want to present themselves is something that requires some thought. Be the person you want to be, present yourself in a thoughtful and polite way. Represent the profession of a hairdresser as well-groomed and well-presented personalities with whom others want to spend time. Be sure to follow the simple care that must be done daily and make a habit of it. Get new outfits and make sure to keep them up to date. I believe that we can do this together and continue to shave in style.