Barberhacks is an online enjoyment network focused on shaving. This blog is for people who want to create a better hairdressing experience for themselves and for others. Have you ever wondered why the person next to you is much busier than you in the hair salon? Is Your Career Stagnating? Are you struggling to attract new customers? I will highlight five areas where you may have problems and offer solutions to these problems so that you can react quickly.


  • We’ve all heard that the early bird catches the worm, and as hairdressers, that the first and last people in the store are the ones who are busy, and that’s true.
  • So, if you arrive five minutes before your shift or fifteen minutes after showing the owner and your customers that you are not completely respecting your time.
  • Even if you are the hottest hairdresser ever, every day, all day, a full chair, a celebrity in your city, on time and early if you can, show your clients that you care about how your day is going.
  • If you have appointments and you are running after them, be sure to mention it or ask someone to point it out to your clients when they arrive. If you are constantly after, you should set aside an extra quarter of an Hour for each client.
  • If you are after by an entire client, recommend someone at the hair salon who has time.
  • You can make the choice to be on time. It’s about getting rid of the stress and excitement caused by cutting close to the wire and planning ahead.
  • Make it a habit to come to work very early for two weeks. Bring a task with you (social media, cleaning up your Station, learning from a colleague) and do it while waiting for your shift to start.


  • You are the hottest hairdresser you have ever seen. Your customers sing your praises to the gods. Every haircut you grow is golden. Or that’s what you think.
  • I have not yet met a hairdresser who cannot improve part of his game. You could be the best hairdresser in your store, the fastest, the one with the softest fade.
  • Are you the best in your city? Or your state? The country in which you live? Maybe it’s you. I know I’ve been in the hair industry for sixteen years, but that doesn’t mean anything to me.
  • I know that my cuts are not clean enough, that my contours are not sharp enough, that my vocabulary is lacking for certain types of hair. I can’t braid hair, I’ve never used an airbrush to highlight someone’s beard or hairline. I’ve never cut a Psychotolle. But I’m learning.
  • Here, it’s not about an “I’m better than you” scenario, but rather about being a modest hairdresser. I know my worth, I’m a decent hairdresser, but I can get better.
  • If you are the best hairdresser in your store, do you teach the people in your store? Are you in a hurry to have the best customer service in your store? Are you trying to improve the environment of your shop?
  • I sometimes fall into this trap, but I am now at the point in my career where I have been humiliated so often that I know better than to believe that this assistant or beginner hairdresser will not be better than me in a year.
  • We all need to find that edge, that special place that brings out the best in us. Doing this for a daily job may seem crazy to you, but it is exactly what drives me to work every day and pushes me to improve my work and pay attention to my work.


Let’s be real here, we’re all here for The money. Without the money, we are unsheltered and live on the streets. Shaving is about people. You need to have some empathy when dealing with another person.

Are we talking about the sensation in a male-dominated industry? Yes, that’s us. Without thinking about the customers in your chair, you just go through movements.

So in those moments when you are only worried about your car payments, step back, take a breath and look at the work you are doing. If you put off inexpensive haircuts, you are damaging your reputation.

This is one of the biggest sins I can imagine when it comes to hairdressers. I know I cut bad hair earlier in my career. I did it after in my career. And in general, it was when I think about money.

I worked in companies that ask a lot of money for a haircut, and I worked in large quantities, pushing 30-40 haircuts into one. 99% of the time, I take care of the haircut I do. I think of it as if I was being paid to take care of someone’s haircut.

I’ve also fixed a lot of haircuts in my time, and I’ve seen Frustration and anger erupt from someone who had broken their trust in their hairdresser. I always tell my clients, “You pay me to take care of your haircut,” and I’m serious. If you don’t care, leave the company.


  • I hope I don’t have to write too much about it, but cleanliness is part of our job. Wear clean clothes, brush your teeth regularly, manicure your nails, keep your hair and beard on point.
  • If you are too lazy to do it…quit this job completely.
  • If you are too lazy to take care of yourself, I imagine that you are too lazy to take care of others. Too lazy to clean your equipment properly, just too lazy.
  • So stop, because the hairdressers don’t want you anymore.


  • Crushing. That’s what I’m hearing from our industry. Get up and eat all day and you will become rich and famous.
  • It was told to me and I got so involved that I didn’t live much of my 20s and 30s. I got into a frenzy. Literally. There were days when I didn’t eat and drink.
  • I still have such days because that’s how I learned to work. I am 38 years old and I still don’t know how to take care of myself sometimes because I am too busy.
  • When you are young, get into the habit of taking care of yourself mentally and bodily, because being young does not last forever, and even if you are young, health problems can still invade you.
  • I suffered my first anxiety strike in my after twenties and, over time, my anxiety worsened to the point that I had to take weeks off just to let my nervous system rest.
  • I partied a lot, drank a lot, took a lot of medicine. I thought this lifestyle would give me the status I wanted when it came to being “cool” and such. In truth, it has only delayed my personal growth and put my health at risk. But you couldn’t convince me when I was there.
  • These days, when my nervous system allows it, I work out. I eat well, I cook for myself. I take breaks at work to eat and drink most of the time. I’m meditating. I try to do Yoga regularly (Stretching is great because I am behind a chair, which has made me a very rigid person).
  • I don’t drink, I do medicine. I don’t even drink coffee anymore these days and limit my sugar intake to a Minimum (this is probably my only small vice), and these small adjustments in my life allow me to work regularly at the peak of my skills.base, and allows me to grow every day as a hairdresser and individual. I recommend that you reduce all activities that you know are harmful to your daily life.
  • In conclusion

Being a hairdresser is a difficult job, bodily exhausting, mentally exhausting and requires a lot of us every day. It can be difficult to maintain a level of excellence overnight.

It’s good to be human, to have after days, To have days when you care about money, not to take care of yourself for a day or two, not to have a pointed beard, to have an angry Ego that makes you reckless towards others, but if you make a habit of any of the five points I discussed here, it will affect your health, your mental state, your income and your interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

If you have noticed any of these habits in yourself, think about it and see where it takes you and influence the change by creating a habit through discipline, self-love and caring for others.