I have a collection of hair clippers, so many that I probably spent a few thousand dollars on clippers that I don’t use. They are sitting in a suitcase in a guest room and waiting for a moment when one of my main instruments sings its last swan song and pass aways.

I don’t need any other clippers, I always use the first set of Andis masters that I originally bought and I could use them for every cut if I wanted to. I love my masters, especially with a blade that fades, I make beautiful cuts with these masters.

However, in the hairdressing scene, something is changing. The clipper companies realized that they could cut the cord and sell us hairdressers 3 sets of the same clipper (battery life, and you will need at least one with a fade blade) and roll new clippers at an alarming speed.

Can we achieve 90% of the efficiency of our hair clippers with a wireless device? I have to buy at least 3, don’t I?


I’ve always been like this, but I’m constantly looking for the tool that magically makes me better at what I do, that makes my game on Instagram incomparable to make me the most popular hairdresser here in Toledo.

Does it have to be the right tools?


Tools help us, they make our hairdressing life easier. They allow us to create clear lines and different types of surfaces on the hair, they allow us the comfort of speed and the strength to mow through the hair at an advanced speed.

The question I am asking myself is why do I need more than 1 Clipper?

Well, I couldn’t do without my removable blade cutter, it is by far the most powerful of the group and is gaining Mass and sinking into policies that do not concern anyone. I can’t imagine without cutting one…

… unless it was a master Andis with whom I cut. Without these two tools, I wouldn’t feel like a hairdresser at all. I say this knowing that I can only erase myself with my scissors, but the investment of time that it would cost would be crazy.

So I already have two clippers without which I can’t vivre…et one of them I can equip with any blade size, after which I feel bald.

So I’m wondering why I need Oster 76s, Oster 10S, Oster fast Feeds, Wahl Baldness trimmer, Wahl Five star Seniors, Wahl Cordless Magic Clips, Andis Cordless Envy LIs and five different Clippers?

Well, I think you could say that I am curious about how other hairdressers make their Clippers work so well. When I see a hairdresser doing an awesome haircut with a hair clipper that I don’t use, the gears start grinding in my head, and I ask myself: “Do I need this too?”
“Does this hair clipper make me a better hairdresser?”

This is especially prevalent in the Instagram era. The frequency with which I have seen other hairdressers ask questions about the type of equipment that another experienced and skillful hairdresser uses is countless. I succeeded. You probably did too.


Here are my tips for young Hairdressers and hairdressers who, like me, own a Million hair clippers. Learn your tools and stay with them until you master them. You should be able to do any haircut using the tools you already have.

You may have to learn one or two tricks to get a bald head, but these are not that difficult to get, search the internet, join some of the largest Facebook barber groups, ask a barber master or another Barber.

Invest in your education, not your tools.

In conclusion

Take it from me, I always go back to my most proven friends, my best Clippers, because they are the best tools for me, the ones I know best, the ones who will never disappoint me. Some days I look at the investment I made in Clippers and sigh thinking about the money I could have saved.

But from time to time I like to use the magic wireless clips. And the seniors. And the fast flows.

And I kind of want these wireless seniors. And I also want to try the Babyliss Clipper line.