“Because we believe in ourselves, we don’t try to convince others. Because you are satisfied with yourself, you do not need the approval of others. Because we accept ourselves, the whole world accepts it.”~Lao Tzu I’ve been reading or listening to audiobooks a lot recently, and there have been a lot of topics that I come across over and over again, but one has caught my eye recently and I want to pass it on to you, my awesome readers.

Here is an exercise. Go to your hair salon or another and look at the hairdressers who cut the hair. Take a Minute and really look at it. Look at the equipment they use, look at their haircuts, look at the clothes they wear, their faces and facial expressions, look at how they stand and how they interact with their employees and customers.

I bet you could pick the hairdresser who takes the most money by sitting in a store for five minutes and watching everyone cut.


Maybe you’re stumped. Let me explain.

The hairdresser in the corner who is ruining this guy’s fade, it’s not the hairdresser who makes the most money.

The silent hairdresser on the chair there, with disheveled clothes and a half-finished coffee in his room…No.

The Barber standing, looking into his client’s eyes, laughing with a client about a joke he has just told, the Barber who never winces when someone is sitting in his chair, who makes perfect Blandishments without an extra drop of sweat on his forehead…It is the hairdresser who is most likely to earn the most money in the hairdressing salon.

It all depends on trust.

It may not be obvious to everyone, but take a look at the body language of the best hairdresser in your store or the best hairdresser you have ever seen. Most likely, they move like a well-oiled machine, cut hair without fear, hammer a large haircut and perfectly shave the beards with a light hand.

Why is this important?

Imagine that you are a client who comes to a hair salon for the first time, walks in and looks around. It does not matter if it is a passable appointment or an appointment that you have booked.

You go inside and look around and see the shriveled beginner in the corner or the scruffy veteran, and you end up at the hairdresser, who stands with pride and confidence. Who do you want to get your hair cut?


That’s right, The confident one.

So if you’re not quite there yet, what can you do to get it to the point where you’re the one people notice.

Correct Your Posture
I know we’ve all bent our shoulders in this job because we’ve been hunching over all day, but keeping your back straight and your shoulders back is huge when it comes to building self-confidence. As a result, not only do you feel better overall, but you also seem to know what you are doing.

I cannot express this point enough. A good attitude brings you customers. Try it for a week and tell me what you think.

Be fashionable

We all have our own style, no doubt about it. Have a fashion sense and know what’s going on in the fashion world. Fashion determines how people perceive you, whether you like it or not. Follow a few fashion accounts on Instagram, watch celebrities, then develop and wear the Looks you like. You don’t need to have all the brand names, just make sure your Look is clean and tidy.

And despite what people say about the busiest hairdresser in the store, who has the worst hair, make sure you get a haircut regularly.

Be ready to talk

I know people who can persuade their clients to think that a bad haircut is only good with their gift of Gab. I advise against this, but I really think that conversation is a skill that can only contribute to your Service as a whole.

If you can communicate well verbally, if you have a good joke to tell at every quiet moment, if you can calm a nervous client with confident language, you will do yourself good.


Be educated

I always emphasize this, but people like to know that they have a passion for their profession, that they know the trends that are happening not only locally, but around the world.

People get excited when they tell you that they have a special technique specific to their hair type or that they have just returned from New York with the secrets of the best bleaching.

In addition, they simply know more about their area of expertise, which makes it easier for them to excel in the hair game.

In conclusion

It’s a very simple idea but very important, self-confidence is the key; dummy it until you achieve it.

I gave you some tips on how to play with confidence, now the rest is up to you.