This post is more of a series of reflections on my life, and how it affects my career in hairdressing. It will be much shorter than usual, but consider it a kind of introduction, a handshake and a smile.

I know what you are going through every day and I hope that by sharing each week, it will make your job easier and give you an insight into the reality of hairdressing. I often find that inspiring thoughts are not always based on reality and the hard work that we, as hairdressers, deal with every day.

I crack up behind a chair like all of you, and I have great respect for all hairdressers from all walks of life.

I’m not a celebrity hairdresser, I’m a guy who stands behind a chair four days a week and cuts his hair. I’m a hairdresser.

On this Blog, I am a hairdresser who likes to write.

  • My shoulders are bent, I suffer from anxiety, I don’t know how to sit or rest properly. I don’t know what a lunch break is.
  • I’m coming home tired from shopping. Being busy is a blessing.
  • My legs and feet are often swollen when I stand on them all day.
  • I don’t own a store because I’ve been shopping too much in the Party Part of the lifestyle. I have tried my best to solve this problem over the past few years.
  • I thought for a long time that there was something better for me before I realized that Barber is an awesome career.
  • I am never satisfied with my work. That will never be the matter. Probably the reason for my fear.
  • I wish I was better at what I do, sixteen years after the game.
  • I have moments when I am jealous of other people’s talent and I use them to help me become better at what I do. I wish that wasn’t the matter, I struggle with these feelings a lot. Another reason for my fear.
  • Recently, I changed my point of view on my career and plunged into the depths of hairdressing, constantly checking what I am doing and advising myself about it. I’m learning, but effectively derailing my Routine while I’m doing it. Learning has never been an easy process for me.
  • I sometimes wonder if there is a limit to what I can learn in this field. I am regularly proven wrong.
  • I am constantly dissatisfied with certain parts of my work environment. I believe this is due to the fact that my life is quite awesome and I have to create problems with something.
  • I like to do my hair well. I feel satisfied when I come home from work and I know that I did the best job I could have done that day.
  • I hate some of the people who come and sit in my chair, but they don’t stay. I always give them great haircuts.
  • Being a positive and optimistic person while I’m at work is a struggle some days, but I try to do it, no matter how I feel. In fact, admitting that I feel bad about people these days is not a bad thing. People can refer to not being perfect.
  • Modesty has been my best friend recently. Learning from those around me was awesome.
  • Recently, I find it difficult to cut people who, despite the advice I give them, ask for bad haircuts. I’m trying to be humble enough not to get upset.

In conclusion

I am a person sitting behind a keyboard and writing about my career as a hairdresser. It was a pleasure for me to meet you and I hope that you will spend the next week of paddling with as much humanity as possible.

Pushing, grinding, sometimes getting a little messy, but being able to pick up your pieces and get back to it. Try to improve yourself, but be okay if you find it difficult to do so.