We spend all our days cutting our hair, or sitting and waiting for someone to sit in our chair, or having lunch, or taking a sip whisky…no wait, I don’t do it if the store is slow (but I know a few hairdressers who do). We all do our best to make sure that every person sitting in our chair is sitting in our chair over and over again. It should be easy, Guys are animals Usually, they like to come back to the same person over and over again, don’t they? It’s not that simple. The guys are also known for not caring which chair they are sitting on…until her hair is finished by someone posing as a hairdresser. This is where you start looking for someone who can cut hair with a look of panic in their eyes.


I’m here today to talk about how we, as hairdressers, can improve your customer engagement. It’s not as difficult as it seems, it just takes a little effort.


Many hairdressers consider their new clients as people with whom they have to spend their time, and it is true that you should invest your time to make sure that new clients are well taken care of in your hair salon, but with each subsequent visit, you should focus even more on this guest than the first time. I call my regular customers to “bread and butter”, they put the food on the table for me and pay my rent every week. I know a lot of hairdressers who do the work of getting the first client to come back, and once you have sat him in your chair 3-5 times, just stop cutting your hair with the same precision and care. Beware of the feeling of comfort, it will come back to cut you off. Treat your customers “bread and butter” even better than first-time visitors, they are the reason they are where they are.


When I say focus, always give your regulars comprehensive tips to make them feel special every time they sit in their chair. Compliment them and be sure to mention their name and something they remember from the last round.


If you can’t cut a consistent haircut, you should practice a little practice. Consistency is the key to customer loyalty. If you finished the Haircut last time, be sure to finish it next time. Of course, everyone has bad days, but if you build a cutting system that works, you will never have a bad day. Do not make bad haircuts, always make sure that your consultations are thorough, always make sure that you and your guest understand each other before you start cutting. And if you can’t make the Coupe…ne don’t do it. Learning techniques for new clients should only approach them if they have direct supervision. If you try something new in someone who is not a friend or family, it will not improve your reputation.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth and reputation are everything. Remember that you are only as good as your last Haircut if you damage your reputation by rushing through boring haircuts to get to something more interesting that you don’t deserve to be busy with. A bad haircut is a person who harms you and your hairdresser to at least ten people who, in turn, say five, who, in turn, say two, and so on.

Appearance and posture are everything. If you look good, talk about a good game and talk about a good game and have awesome stories to tell…you’ll be busy. Just make sure that you back everything up with a good haircut. If you can’t provide that, then none of this makes sense.


Connect with your customers. That’s the key. If you both have a good time and create great cuts while having a good conversation…customer for life.


Don’t get stale. If you and your client fall into a rut where you no longer cut the sickest cut for you…then get ready to be unloaded to two chairs for the hairdresser who has the crunchiest alignments or the biggest Pompadours. That is why you have the advice to every time…to make sure your regulars are happy. Go so far as to ask: “Is there anything else you wanted to try?”


If you’re just getting started…get business cards and share them with everyone. Give each happy customer another business card and ask them if they would give it to one of their friends. Word of mouth will always be your best friend when you are building your brand, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who already trusts you when you sit in your chair, there is no need to win them for you because you have already done it.


If you have reservations at your hair salon, make sure to get them booked before you leave. 80% of your bookings should come from existing customers. If you do not make reservations, be sure to specify the time that elapses until the next Cut of your customers. This will let you know when your hair is overgrown and will ask you to remember it.


Take care. Be the person from whom you want to get your haircut. The mints, the deodorant, the great hair, the cut nails and the awesome clothes will bring people back.


Try to be one of the most organized and hygienic hairdressers in the store. You may not think that people notice what you are doing with your Station and cleanliness, but you do and you will come back if you are an organized and clean person.


Be kind to everyone who comes through the door. You never know when someone wants to turn it on and sit in your chair. Chances are, if a customer does it, it won’t be forever (they’re probably seat changers), but take advantage of the extra income and customers when they come.


Know the recent trends and keep your skills up to date. If you can predict what will happen next and deliver it to your customers, you will see them as a valuable asset in your personal style.

In conclusion

These may seem like simple ideas, and they are too, but they will help you stand out from the rest of the pack. Take care of your customers, help them from time to time to get a clean and consistent Look, and stay in this area too. Don’t be afraid to encourage yourself and trust what you are doing, and you will see more and more customers sitting in your chair and asking you about them as they enter your store.